Top 10 Most Popular States For International Interns and Trainees

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There’s something wonderful about undertaking an internship abroad. You experience an entirely new way of living, thinking, and being. And whether you work in a resort or a restaurant, you want to have the best possible experience.

While we don’t recommend any one state over another, there are a few that have risen above the rest when it comes to the number of international participants they hire.

Per information provided by the U.S. State Department, these are the top 10 states hosting international participants for the following programs:

Internship ProgramTraining Program
StateNo. of
State No. of
1. California 6365 1. New York 2010
2. New York 4270 2. California 1801
3. Florida 2072 3. Florida 986
4. Texas 1154 4. Texas 678
5. Washington 981 5. Illinois 377
6. Massachusetts 785 6. Massachusetts 328
7. Colorado 781 7. Georgia 321
8. District of Columbia 679 8. New Jersey 307
9. New Jersey 675 9. District of Columbia 303
10. Georgia 593 10. Colorado 285

Yes, you read that right.

California and New York dominated by more than a 2:1 ratio! It’s no surprise since these two states host many of the best Michelin starred restaurants, luxury hotels, and resorts in the country.

Not only that, they both have amazing public transportation, tons of free activities and events, and beautiful weather year-round.

Despite both states dominating with almost two times the number of interns and trainees as other states, our organization has worked hard to expand our repertoire of options available to international participants.

With over 1000 placements, TransUSA Exchange is proud to have developed 3% of all programs within the U.S.

And we couldn’t have done it without the help of our fantastic partners!

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