How To Schedule Your US Visa Interview (DS-160 Walkthrough)


Completing your application with the State department doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s a step-by-step guide that tells you exactly how to fill out the DS-160 to get your interview at the U.S. Embassy in your home country! 

Step 1:

Follow this link to visit the State Department’s website, or go to and type “DS-160” in the Search Bar to get your results. 

Step 2:

Once the page loads, click on the link that says “Consular Electronic Application Center website.”

Step 3:

Write down the Application ID in the top-right corner. You’ll need this later on, and you can’t get it once you leave this page! Next, choose a security question and provide your answer. You should choose a question you’re not likely to forget the answer to. This is used for authentication and security purposes.

Step 4:

Begin to fill out the forms as prompted. The first two pages have straightforward instructions. For any question that doesn’t apply to you, simply check “Does Not Apply.”

If you select “Yes” for “Have you made specific travel plans?” then you will be asked for your date of arrival in U.S., Arrival Flight number, Arrival City, Departure Date, Departure Flight number, and Departure city. You will also be asked to provide the names of any locations you plan to visit in the U.S., including your host city. It will also ask for the address of where you’ll be staying.

Step 5:

The next page asks if you will have any other persons traveling with you. Please note that you don’t need to list individuals who are traveling with you to intern or train for the same employer.

Step 6:

The form will ask if you’ve ever been to the U.S. before. If the answer is yes, provide any information you might have about previous visits to the U.S. If you’ve never been to the U.S. before, please select “No.”

This page will also ask if you currently have a U.S. driver’s license, or if you have ever owned one in the past.

Step 7:

The page will ask if you’ve ever been issued a U.S. Visa before. If the answer is yes, then be prepared to provide your Visa Issue date and the Visa Number. You may see in the picture below what other information they will require:

Step 8:

Provide your current home address and phone number. If your mailing address is the same as your Home Address, you’ll need to say so by answering “Yes.”

Step 9:

Add your email address and links to any social media platforms you may be using.

Step 10:

Provide your passport information. You may want to have your passport handy with you while you do this. The form will ask for your Passport/Travel Document Number, the Document Type, the Passport Book Number (which does not apply if your passport is not a booklet), as well as the Country that issued the document to you. Please also have the issuance date and expiration date ready.

Step 11:

Add your U.S. Point of Contact. This is someone in the United States who knows you and can verify, if necessary, your identity. You can always write the host information coming from Page 3 of your Training Plan. Usually, that would be either the GM or the HR manager. The host will always be able to confirm your identity.

In the event that you cannot include host information, you can also state that you do not know anyone in the U.S.

Step 12:

Provide your family’s contact information. You will need to provide both your mother and father’s full name and date of birth, as well as whether or not either of them currently resides in the United States.

Step 13:

Add your current employment details. If you are not currently employed, you may still submit the form. But you will be asked to provide an explanation of why you are not currently employed.

Step 14:

Fill out your previous employment experience. This can include internships, training programs, and part-time jobs. Please note, these questions are referring to employment in your home country.

Step 15.

Finish up the work experience section with any additional work, education, or training information you may have. You will also need to include a list of languages you speak and answer a few questions about your military history, if you have any. 

Step 16:

You will have to add the contact information of at least two individuals. You can pick friends, co-participants, or anybody not related to you.

Step 17:

Input your SEVIS Information. You should have registered for a SEVIS ID prior to beginning to fill out this form. If you do not remember your SEVIS, or don’t think you ever received one, please send an email to for assistance. 

Step 18:

Upload your photo in accordance with their instructions, sign your document, and then submit!

Step 19:

Your application will go on “REVIEW” mode which will allow you to review your entries and make changes as needed. You need to be careful with this portion and take advantage of thoroughly examining your answers.

Step 20:

When you get to the “SIGN” page, you will e-sign your document by re-entering your passport number and putting in the CAPTCHA code. Then click submit!

Step 21:

Once you get to the confirmation portion, you can choose to send your actual DS-160 confirmation page to your email address. You’ll need to print this confirmation and bring it with you to your visa interview.

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