Internship Program


The Internship Program provides companies with entry-level university students or recent graduates from around the world.

Our participants make valuable contributions as interns in U.S. businesses and organizations for up to 12 months. While here, they develop practical skills and reinforce their academic studies in fields such as hospitality, business management, marketing, web development, and accounting.

Consequently, you will be partnered with a participant who is eager to help your business and who will enrich your workplace with new culture and ideas.

Who Are Interns?

Interns are foreign nationals who enter the United States to participate in structured, guided, and work-based internship programs in their specific fields, and they are either:

        • Currently pursuing a degree or certification at a post-secondary academic institution outside the U.S.
      • OR:
        • Recently graduated from such an institution no more than 1 year prior to their exchange program start date.

In addition, Interns must meet the following criteria:

        • 18 years-old or older.
        • Possesses a conversational level of English or better.
        • Exhibits a flexible attitude and a willingness to learn.
        • Has a minimum of $500 USD available to support his or herself upon arrival in the U.S.
        • Can prove intention to return home at the end of the program by showing ties to his or her home country.¬†

Why Should You Hire Internationally?

Having international talent offers employers huge incentives in a number of ways. Plus, working with TransUSA Exchange maximizes those benefits.

You’ll Save Money, and Lots of It

First, our recruitment services are free for employers. And yes, we mean free. We don’t sacrifice quality to give you that service free of charge, either. We provide dedicated support throughout every step of the placement process. In other words, you’re always in the loop.

You save on a lot more than just our services, though. International students don’t have to pay Social Security, Medicare, or Federal Unemployment Tax. In fact, many companies have reported saving up to 10% in payroll taxes from this exemption alone.

Finally, international participants already have health insurance.

You’ll Change Lives

Not only does hiring internationally positively affect the participants’ futures, but it grows your team as well. Your staff will have the opportunity to gain international perspectives on hospitality around the globe, which can only improve the quality of their care and service.

How it Works

To start, contact us. Then, tell us about your hiring needs. Next, we begin the pre-selection process on our end and recruit the best candidates for your needs from our extensive pool of applicants. After that, we make arrangements for their visa, travel, and administrative needs. The final step is when you welcome your new recruits as they join your team and get acclimated.

From there, we remain in touch to provide ongoing support throughout the full duration of the program.